& then there was love

Three days ago, my boyfriend and I became the proud owners of these two adorable kittens, S’mores and Oreo. They are domestic shorthair, twin sisters, approximately 5-6 months old.

I’ve never been an actual cat owner, but I have always been crazy about cats. I mean, what an amazing feeling it is to come home to not just one, but two of the cutest kittens who purr their way into your heart! They are so curious and full of energy. Like two little children, they guard their cat tree – which is their playground, their sanctuary. When they sleep, they always sleep together, one of them always protecting the other one with their arms on top of each other. And, isn’t that love?

People always say that love isn’t easy. Love is hard. Love is pain. Love hurts. But, love is a means of affection and finding a place in our hearts to accept those around you. New pets enter our homes and destroy things, break things, and do things they shouldn’t be doing just like humans do. And like us, they learn from their mistakes and we still provide them with unconditional love. So what’s not to love about humans, and why is it so difficult for us to love each other?

If there’s a problem, fix it. If there’s pain, seek healing. If there’s anger, find peace. Turn sadness into tears of joy. There’s an answer to everything, but we have trained ourselves to become so stubborn to accept truth and reality. Holding grudges is never the right answer, because wouldn’t you rather use all that negative energy towards something that can help make a difference? Life is too short to not enjoy it. Do what you love. Learn something new. Forgive and be happy.

S’mores and Oreo take risks, are adventurous, play aggressively, and get on each others’ nerves. Most importantly, they have shown me that love is easy; Love is beautiful.


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