Baby, It’s Cold Outside

For the past year, California has been in a drought. Limit showers! Limit watering your lawn! Limit car washes in apartment complexes! We need the rain! We need the rain! 

There’s that old saying, “Be careful what you wish for.” Well, for the past 2 weeks, we’ve been having lots and lots of rain!

I don’t mind it personally, the sound of rain is actually quite comforting. What sucks about it, is having to drive in the rain. The huge puddles you have to drive through, from the small dip on the streets – or even towards the sidewalk area where you need to make a right turn. Maybe because I’m a girl, but that shit is scary. You’re driving ever so carefully, but that unavoidable foooosh! sound, confirms that your car just drove over a huge ass puddle. I hate it! But, another thought that comes to mind is hopefully my tires got a nice wash! 🙂

On cold, rainy Sundays like today, I don’t mind that there’s downpour outside, or that there are strong winds, because I’m stayin’ home, suckas! Although, I did get a severe warning on my phone earlier, that my area is in danger of flooding until about 5:30pm today. Maybe it’s a good thing we live upstairs.

The girls are staying warm today by sharing their cat bed above the cat tree. I love how they share it and lay next to each other, because the symmetry line drawn by their two bodies allow you to see their physical differences, but both of their cuteness.

On this Lazy Sunday, while the cats nap away, I will be working on my Fictional Memoire piece that I started working on a little over a year ago. I’m 84 pages deep, but this is the furthest I’ve ever stuck to any novel piece I’ve ever started. So, to me, this is an accomplishment – despite the time it has taken me to write 84 pages. But, not to be discouraged – I will get it done. My goal was to finish it last year, and my new goal for the year is to finish it this year and find a publisher.

Dreams do come true – you just have to believe in yourself 🙂


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