Meet Oreo

Oreo is the youngest of the twins. I mean, we don’t know for sure, but she has the babyface out of the two. She is also extremely clingy, and screams meows of fear when left alone for too long. Worst of all, her weaning habits have seriously got to stop.

My boyfriend has this hoodie that is very soft and fluffy inside – Kind of like a plush bathrobe type material. If Oreo can get her hands on either the hoodie, any one of our bathrobes, or our heated plush throw blanket, she will let out purrs of a motor engine. She won’t stop sucking/licking the fabric until you force her away from it. At first we thought it was the cutest thing ever Aww look at her purr!! Until we realized she was in search for a nipple to latch on to. Poor little thing. But, we have to get rid of that bad habit, so we make sure they’re not exposed to her.

She loves following me around the apartment whether it be to the kitchen, or the bathroom. She’s always one step away from me. If I open the fridge, her little explorer instincts go into full gear “What’s in there? What’s on the first shelf?” And if I’m too tired to respond to her, you will hear aeiou! aeiou! aeiou! Funny that her speech is made up entirely of vowels in their exact order too.

When we bring her to bed, she will lay with you and purr until you stop petting her. Then she panics and ventures the bedroom. Off the bed. Into bathroom. On the bed. Head nudge. Love me! Love me! And we do love her. I mean, how can anyone not love that cute little face of hers?

We got her to lay down in one of her favorite positions yesterday, she loves to cross her arms when sleeping!


Just too cute!

We’ve only had them for a little over 2 weeks, and they’ve both grown so much already. Featured image of Oreo was taken 1.5 weeks ago, above picture was taken last night.

Can’t they stay as little kittens forever? 😥


One thought on “Meet Oreo

  1. Because they are kittens, it is natural for them to want a teet still. Remember Robin’s dog Mandy, still does that and she is in her late adult years. If your cat wants to do this, it’s quite alright to oblige them to do so. She may or may never grow out of it, but it is not causing any harm, nor will she destroy anything looking for something to suck on. I say give her the hoodie or the robe back. She will call down after she is a little older. Sounds like she is going to be your Casper shadow. :^)


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