Meet S’mores

S’mores is the eldest of the twins.

She is the daredevil, the trouble maker, the one who’s always getting into things. I guess you can say she’s being bold. But what she has come to understand (and her sister too), is the word “No!” and when I point my finger at them. They will coward in their time out spot, which for S’mores is her cat bed – directly above the cat tree. S’mores will let out a sound so full of fear eeeow! eeeow! It’s a process in training them to behave properly in a new household. New house, new rules.

Approximately 1.5 weeks ago, I resorted to the Buda Dome Litter Box, as opposed to a regular litter pan. The girls would always kick litter every where and it drove me nuts! I think the Buda Dome Litter Box has to be one of my proudest purchases ever. It’s so cute! It has stairs for the cats to enter into the litter bowl to do their business and the stairs catches all the litter that gets stuck in between their paws on their way out. It even has a filter that goes at the top of the dome!

Of course, S’mores, bold one, reached for the filter inside the litter bowl and pulled it down. Gross. So, after washing it, I put it back, this time, on double sided sticky tape. Ha! Take that, S’mores! Try to get it off now! She tried – and succeeded. She made fold marks on the filter, to where you can tell that it’s been messed with, but it was still in tact. Until yesterday. I was taking a nap to recover from a cold, and upon waking up, the filter was not on the dome, it was on the floor torn to pieces. Damn cats. I guess it doesn’t matter anyway since I clean the litter box twice a day.

Besides being a troublemaker, S’mores is extremely affectionate towards her humans. When she’s awake or needs to take a cat nap, she will either play with her sister, or nap with her sister. They are the cutest when they nap, because they always seem to be protecting one another.

Protective Sisters!

When it comes time to check out for the day, she will cuddle up next to either me or my boyfriend ever so cutely.

Sweet little girl 🙂


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