Brave Little Girls

Late last week, my boyfriend and I noticed our Little Oreo was starting to roll around on the carpet a lot, as well as sticking her little butt up in the air. We figured they were probably going into heat soon, so we got them spayed on Saturday.

Now, I’ve only heard of the procedure before in talk such as at the pet adoption centers located inside Petco/Petsmart. “Shadow has been neutered.”, “Mimi has been spayed.” I didn’t know what either of these meant noob, but later learned that it means they get fixed so they’re not able to reproduce – this way, it can help reduce the homelessness in pets. Still, I didn’t know what the procedure pertained.

In any event, their previous owner had a voucher for both Oreo and S’mores to get spayed, and we got them vaccinated too. When we picked the girls up, they wouldn’t stop hissing at each other in the car! Especially S’mores … she was growling like a tiger and hissing so loud when they were trying to put her into her carrier at the clinic. Poor little thing.

The girls are separated per doctor’s orders, so they are being fed separately as well. Boyfriend and I were terrified when we got home and let them out of their cages. We didn’t know the procedure included shaving their tummies! 😦 Poor girls. Oreo has a soft aeiou as it is, but she was in such pain, she was only able to open her mouth with no sound. But, the good thing about keeping them separated is that they are getting plenty of time to rest and recover. The last thing we would want is for their stitches to fall out.

S’mores is bouncing back from the pain pretty quickly, as she’s already turning on her back, asking for belly rubs, or cuddling next to our arms/legs. But, for most of the day, they’re out – sleeping. S’mores usually likes to stick her paws under our door to reach for Oreo when we separate them, but the past couple of days, she’s just been on our bed recovering πŸ™‚

I did some research online, and it says their fur will take approximately 8-12 weeks to grow back 😦 Please wish for their speedy recoveries!

On the brighter side, after picking them up from their visit, we now know their birthday πŸ™‚ The twins were born on August 26th, 2016, so they are only 5 months old! Sweet Little Girls ❀


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