Fetal Position

When the world outside
is too big … too scary
too much for me to face alone
I seek things that give me comfort.

I fall to my side
whichever is closer to the edge.
A curling motion begins to bend my body
ever so slightly.

I am curled up; safe within my solitude.
I feel whole, complete
like when my mother’s womb
sheltered me from reality.

There were no temptations, no guilty pleasures
only peaceful tranquility
with no one to disturb the silence
while in fetal position.


I saw Oreo curled up in that position and it reminded me of feeling protected in a way, which prompted me to write the poem above. When I’m in fetal position, nothing else in the world matters. It is the most comfortable position for me to be in no matter where I’m at. It makes me feel safe, like I am somehow able to shut out everything else around me.


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