Happy Half Birthday

Yesterday, February 26th, 2017 marks 6 months since these two adorable felines took their first breath of air. I can’t believe we’ve had these girls for almost 2 months already, and how much they’ve grown!

What upset me yesterday, was knowing there are no cupcakes for cats, but that they make cupcakes for dogs. I mean, I went to Sprinkles Cupcakes a few weeks back with a friend of mine, and they make cupcakes for dogs at their shop! What about all the cat lovers who want to give their cats a nice little treat? And, Petco has a “bakery” selection for dogs while Petsmart sells cookies (with icing!) for dogs as well. Cats deserve equally to have something just as yummy. Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs just as much – I grew up with Rottweilers, which are great dogs to have. It’s just that the equilibrium is missing, you know?

S’mores and Oreo are spoiled as it is already. I feed them Blue Buffalo, which has great nutrients for them. I was thinking I could get them a nicer can food for them to indulge in on their special half birthday occasion.

My good friend, Cassie recently donated a large cat scratcher and a cat bed to the girls, since her cat doesn’t like or use either one of them. And, that’s okay because our girls love them! They cuddle together ever so comfortably on their cat bed every night, and when it’s playtime, they chase each other around the scratcher, or just use it to stretch and file their claws.


Some things in life aren’t meant to be taken for granted, like friendships, and cats, and donations! Although the two pieces of furniture are being put to good use now! So, perhaps my friend’s something old, can be their something new. They love it, they’re happy, and they know they are loved. Maybe this will buy me some time to think about what to get them for their real birthday on August 26th 🙂


7 thoughts on “Happy Half Birthday

  1. You pictures with your cats are very adorable especially the sleeping one !!
    Do you mind if i share your post on my blog which is about cats in Hong Kong. ( would link back to your site)Thanks ! let me know !

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