Sweet Dreams Are Made Of …

Trash Cans?!

Apparently, to Oreo it is. “If it fits, I sits!”

Did you know, yesterday, I read an article that said cats who are kept only indoors oftentimes turn out to be a bit more bazerk compared to indoor/outdoor cats. The reason, they are natural hunters, so to speak, and can hunt up to 40 times in a given day. 40 times! Wow. I was actually just looking for pointers to see how my boyfriend and I can help shape their behaviors since you know, cats can be destructive at times (which is an understatement). So far over the past two weeks, the girls have gotten into their treats twice, and found the storage container where we store their food – knocked that bad boy over too.

Is it even fair to compare their ability to hunt 40 times a day to our ability to work 40 hours a week? I mean, after all, both hunting and working are a means of survival right? Maybe I’m too much of a girl to even think about hunting, but gosh, I couldn’t imagine. On the bright side, at least with hunting, you don’t have to pay taxes on that shit.

Ugh. Tax season is upon us … and who likes to do taxes? Definitely not me. My dad works in China, and he told me they don’t even need to do tax returns, since all the taxes they need to pay are automatically taken out of their paychecks. How nice would that be, if we could have that same luxury? Ah well, life isn’t fair – what can you do about it?

As destructive as these two girls are, I must say that for me …

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Kittens



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