Paint Me …

like one of your French Kittehz~

I love how cats can be so photogenic, and some even look like they should be cat models, ha!

Oreo and S’mores have taken a liking to laying next to me when I’m sitting on the couch. They normally like to be alone or in their cat beds. However, they’ve been enjoying time spent with their humans lately, which is so cute! Except for the fact that I tried picking up Oreo yesterday, and not only did she scratch me, she bit me too, ouch!!!

The photogenic-ness (is that even a word?) of this photo reminds me of Cinnamon, our neighbor’s cat who we lost. She was extremely photogenic, no matter what position she was in when we took photos of her. As soon as we’d take out or phones to take a picture of her, she would pose. She loved the attention, and she loved getting her photos taken!

Her owner has told me stories of Cinnamon being from the streets of Los Angeles, and deemed her to be a “gangster cat” haha. She was extremely outdoorsy, and a huntress at that! But, when she’d meow at our door every night ready to come inside, she was also the most loving cat anyone could ever ask for. She loved getting treats, but not the soft kind. She liked crunchy treats; tuna was her favorite flavor. She let us tuck her in when it was time to sleep, and would sleep like a baby. She’s been missing since last October, and her owner still has not received any news yet from the shelters, vets – posters hanging around the neighborhood hasn’t brought us any luck in getting Cinnamon back either.

I just hope that whoever decided to take her in is providing her with lots of love and tuna. Boyfriend and I miss her so much and I still have dreams that we’ve found her 😦


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