Hold My Paw & Keep Me Safe ❤

S’mores is definitely the mischievous little rebel of the pair; not to say that Oreo is a complete angel either. S’mores likes to get into cabinets, leave cardboard box pieces all over the floor, and recently she got into the habit of chewing on our rice paper lamps – she destroyed two of our lamps!!! Granted, they were Ikea lamps so pretty inexpensive, but still – they were nice lamps! Also when we feed the girls dry food, S’mores has the tendency to stick her paw in and out of the bowl, as to paw out the dry kibble for the purpose of being able to chase it around on our kitchen floor. As soon as I put the kibble back into the bowl, she will put her paw right back in as if she thinks I’m playing a game with her. Most other days, she will be darting from one end of our apartment to the other, knocking things over, and then curling up in her time out bed because she knows that she’s in trouble. But, does she ever learn to just calm down? Nope! I do what I want!

Not to mention, I switched their cat litter last night. We were using the Blue Buffalo Walnut-based cat litter which is supposed to have good clumping and absorbency, but it actually didn’t work out well for us. Not only did it not absorb their urine, it was so bad that it’d stink up the entire apartment even after cleaning their litter box twice a day! Yuck! So I switched to crystal litter yesterday, hoping that they wouldn’t refuse using their new litter. Luckily, they went right into their box directly after I changed it, but then they thought it was something new for them to play with! *face palm* They used the litter box and took care of business, and then started making SO MUCH NOISE with the crystal litter. At first I thought they were just covering up like they normally do, until I realized they had been doing that for the past 5 minutes and that they were just playing inside their Buda Dome. I mean, seriously. How can you not go crazy with that noise and want to pull your hairs out?!

There’s gotta be some kind of balance to all of this right?!!

Yes. I go to bed much earlier than my boyfriend does, since our work schedules are completely opposite of each other. I work 7a-3:30p, and he works 2:30p-11p. So, when it’s time for bed, we close the bedroom door to separate the girls, otherwise they have too much energy being together. When it’s time for me to sleep, S’mores just knows. It doesn’t matter if she’s sleeping, tired, or just waking up, the second I lay down, she will stretch her body and wait for me to pat the bed for her to come over. She prances over without hesitation and will just cuddle up with me.

Mommy, hold my paw while you’re sleeping 🙂
You want sleeps? I want pets!
Night night 🙂

She loves her tummy rubs, so she will roll around this way and that. When I stop, she will nudge me with her head. But when I put my arm around her and just hold her, she calms down and cuddles up next to me for sleepy time.

Now, if that’s not just the cutest thing ever, I don’t know what is ❤


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