Itty Bitty Sink Kitty ❤

Cats are curious little creatures. They like to follow you wherever you go, and always has to be right next to you watching what you’re doing. When I’m doing my prep cooking, either Oreo and S’mores will jump up to the kitchen counter and sit right next to my cutting board, watching me cut meats and vegetables. It’s so cute and annoying at the same time!

The other week, I was trying to brush my teeth, and Oreo jumps up to the bathroom sink counter. I had the water running and thought, Good. I don’t think they like water anyway. Well, Oreo started reaching her paw out to the water that was hitting the sink, trying to catch it like it was a bug or something. Then, she did the cutest thing of trying to bite the water. Silly Kitty, water is for drinking not biting!

She is so obsessed with the sink water now, I find it to be almost hilarious. She likes to stand in the teeny tiny space behind the knobs in our bathroom sink to try to be predator to the water. I always feed them first thing in the morning when I wake up, before I go to the bathroom to start brushing my teeth. But now, directly after I feed them, as soon as Oreo hears the water from the bathroom she will come running from the kitchen just to try and play with the water.

It doesn’t matter what we’re doing actually, as soon as either me or my boyfriend enters the bathroom, she gets super excited and jumps onto the bathroom counter hoping to get some water.

Oreo never really got into the sink bowl unless the water was on and she was trying to catch it or bite it. And, I’ve seen plenty of pictures of other cats utilizing the entire sink area with their fluffy bodies. I never thought Oreo would do it, but this past weekend she did! She is only almost 8 months old, but hopefully by the time she’s an adult and has more fluff to her body, she’ll still find bathroom sinks as fascinating as she does now.

Love my little sink kitty ❤


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