I can haz tummy rubs?

If you were to ask me to pick a favorite out of the two girls, I don’t know that I would be able to. Not that I have any kids yet, but I feel that being a Cat Mama is no different from being a real mama.

This photo is actually extremely deceiving, since Oreo usually doesn’t like tummy rubs. She prefers chin rubs to tummy rubs, whereas her sister, S’mores is the exact opposite.

As mentioned in previous posts, Oreo is slightly more attached to my boyfriend, and S’mores is more attached to me. So, after being spoiled with some chin rubs from her daddy, her body was in ecstasy. We tried putting her little arms above her head, and since she was still in her little zone, she kept them up there! Such a cute picture, I couldn’t not share this with each and every one of you.

This past weekend, we went to buy them some new toys since many of them were beat up, torn, broken due to their vigorous playing. $20 on some silly cat toys! But, we spoil our animals, so they can be happy too

I think it’s amazing how only after a few short months with the kittens, we’ve already learned so much about their personalities (would .. feline-alities be more appropriate? ha) that when we shop for them, be it cat food, toys, or even when we play with them, we know what makes them happy.

Love my girls!!



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