I’ve been in love with cats since before I could remember. It could be thanks to the ever growing popularity of Hello Kitty, or it could just be that cats are so darn cute! Either way, I don’t think it’s possible to be a cat person, and not a dog person. I mean after all, they’re both pets, and they’re both equally lovable. I grew up with Rottweilers, but I guess I never thought of putting two and two together that pets, like humans, each have their own personalities. It could have been that the Rottweilers I grew up with were my dad’s dogs, not mine so even though the attachment was there … it wasn’t. I’m not sure how to explain it, but my pet parents will understand me (hopefully)! There’s a different kind of attachment you have with your pets when they’reΒ YOURS, you know what I mean?

Anyways, I think it’s amazing how much I’ve learned from our girls since having them in January. I can’t believe it’s been almost 6 months, yet it feels like so much longer!

S’mores is a little muncher and loves to eat, while Oreo on the other hand understands how to pace herself and not eat everything at once. Unfortunately, sometimes when Oreo goes to play before she comes back to finish her food, S’mores has already finished it for her *doh*! The other day, my boyfriend had come home to feed them after work (he gets off work 1 hr earlier than I do), and I didn’t know he had fed them already when I got home. S’mores was whining almost as if she was starving so I, without even thinking, went to fill both of their bowls. Perhaps Oreo was just whining with S’mores for the attention and excitement because after both bowls were filled, Oreo sniffed her food and walked away. I thought it was odd, because neither cat is finicky with their food. They love the variety of food we give them. S’mores on the other hand inhaled her food and passed out on the couch. She was so food coma’d out that it was written all over her face. I literally face-palmed myself when boyfriend came home to tell me that he had fed them 1 hour before i got home.

But! Out of all of this, despite having to come up with a system so we both know if the girls have been fed or not … we got to see S’mores asleep with her tongue hanging out. I think it’s the cutest thing ever!! Because when you wake her up when she’s in a deep sleep … if her tongue was already hanging out, she will keep it out for a little bit longer until she’s fully awake πŸ˜›



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  1. Such a cute post about cats. Your right there’s a different type of love for cats. If you make them like family there’s a special bond but with cats that are left to run and people don’t take care of them, there’s not much of a bond formed. Sure you can form a bond with cats but it’s not the same as when they’re made just like family. I just don’t like people forming bonds with cats, letting them run and not taking care of them. If you’re going to have cats as pets then take care of them!

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  2. How great you love cats so much. I’m like you sorta. I’ve been a cat lover for as long as I can remember. Also like other animals too. Well most of them. I’m not a snake lover and there are other animals I’m not crazy about but tolerate. They’re God’s creatures so they all must have some good in them-Right?

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